The Things We Won’t Give Up

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What is Jesus worth?

In 2009, my family and I left the U.S. moved to France on our way to Morocco. We knew that very few men and women there have had a chance to hear the good news that Jesus died to save them, so our plan was to move there, start a business, and share Jesus with friends and neighbors.

We left parents and grandparents. We left our homeland and our language behind. We left a lot of comfort and some opportunities. But we left because Jesus is worth everything.

In countries like Morocco, it is costly to believe in Jesus. We try to help those who believe to know that they don’t leave their family or culture to become a Christian. No, they remain Moroccan. The remain a part of their family. Instead, they leave behind sin and run to the good God who loves them.

Even though we want to see families remain intact, in places like Morocco, new believers often encounter hostility of one kind or another from family or friends when God gives them a new heart and puts His spirit in them. In some places, local or national government may, likewise, respond with persecution.

These new believers may lose jobs, family, friends. They may even have to leave their homelands. But more and more such people are turning to Jesus despite the hostility because Jesus is worth everything.

Now my family and I are back in the U.S. due to family health needs. We find ourselves in a place where it is completely legal to share our faith and for men and women to turn to Christ. That doesn’t mean there are no challenges to being a Christian today in the West. But these challenges…what are they compared to those faced in Morocco or China or Iran?

Still, it is alarming how tempting it is to allow those things to turn us from Jesus. If I hold to God’s truth about sexuality and gender, perhaps I could lose my job. If I am committed to the truth that Jesus is the only means for salvation in this life, perhaps family members will disagree or chide. If I go on, holding to the Bible as the actual, revealed truth about how life works best, I may get “cancelled.” But, what is that compared to the challenges in other places.

It is temping to remain quiet or even exchange the truth of God for a lie…just for a little comfort…just so we don’t rile up family members because we believe God instead of current cultural ideologies. How can we go to a place like Morocco, invite men and women to risk their very lives on the truth of Jesus and then turn away from Him and His truth so that we don’t anger others or cause relational stress? Not that we seek to anger anyone, but only that all would be saved!

Friends, whatever you give up for Jesus – it will be worth it. Whatever suffering you experience because you trust Him above everyone and everything – it will be worth it. If a parent or one of your kiddos cuts off communication. If your job status becomes shaky or you are dismissed. If you’re seen as backwards and a bigot. It will all be worth it, because Jesus is worth everything!

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