The Things We Won’t Give Up

What is Jesus worth? In 2009, my family and I left the U.S. moved to France on our way to Morocco. We knew that very few men and women there have had a chance to hear the good news that Jesus died to save them, so our plan was to move there, start a business,Continue reading “The Things We Won’t Give Up”

What is the Mission of God?

That is a question I’ve been noodling on for a bit recently. On the one hand, for many Christians, it’s such a simple question. Perhaps John 3:16 or Matthew 28:18-20 comes to mind. And I think that’s totally appropriate. The problem really comes when you get into circles where we often make things more difficultContinue reading “What is the Mission of God?”

I host a Podcast

Friends, it has been quite a long time since I posted. There have been many family occurrences as well as work that have gone into that, but probably the greatest factor is that I overthink it. So, to ease back in, I want to share a little bit about some things I’ve been working on.Continue reading “I host a Podcast”