Announcement: PhD Acceptance

I wanted to share that I have been accepted into the PhD in Christian Mission program at Southern Seminary. Thankful and excited to be further equipped to serve Christ and His Church around the world! Would love your prayers for growth, understanding, wisdom, and fruit that lasts!

I have had a few folks ask, “Why do you want to do this?”  Some have, likely, meant it this way: Why more study?  Others, perhaps, wondered, “Why any study?”  Both are fair questions.  Here’s a few thoughts, moving from general to specific and personal.

  1. Some of the best missional, Biblical, and theological breakthrough and understanding for the Church has come through intensive, rigorous study and research that would not have happened without formal, graduate level programs and opportunities.  Could God have done that in other ways?  Absolutely, but what does it say when God continues, throughout the centuries, to lend his blessing to this sort of work.
  2. I love to teach.  I don’t have a desire, at this point, to teach full time, but I’d love to teach a couple of classes each year.  Not only is there a need for this at some of our best Western institutions, but at many emerging and established institutions in the Majority World as well.  What if I could help raise up a new generation of missiologists, Biblical scholars, Church historians, and theologians in one or two places in the world?   That would be worth the effort, in my mind!
  3. I have served now for about 20 years in the “mission” world, whether as a mobilizer, trainer, missionary, or partnership/initiative builder.  The LORD Himself has done this.  This is my calling, my vocation.  Therefore, I want to learn, grow, and know as much as I can so that I might BETTER serve Christ’s Church worldwide.  If I’m going to do this the rest of my life, why wouldn’t I do whatever I could to do it better?  Are there other ways to be equipped?  Yes, and I’m taking advantage of those as well!
  4. I have questions that I want to answer.  I think they are important missional and theological/Biblical questions.  I don’t know anyone else asking them or answering them for God’s people.  This program will both equip me to answer them better as well as give me the time and space to do so.  What Bible/Mission/Theology questions do you have?

There are other reasons, some specifically related to the particular program that I’m joining, some related to my calling, but I’ll stop there for now.  Thanks for reading.  Thank you for those that have already congratulated me on making it this far.  I’m excited for the days ahead!


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