Does God Care? Comfort in Crisis

BBC World Service - The Documentary Podcast, Darkness at Noon

Hey friends, I hope you are all doing well.  No doubt, you find yourself in some sort of scenario you weren’t expecting.  This coronavirus outbreak has all of us at least, somewhat, quarantined.  Perhaps it also has us wrestling with the Lord in these days.  As the number of folks near to us, whether a direct connection or once-removed, who get the virus increases, and perhaps even death touches us, we will be tempted to wonder about the character of God and His concern for us.  That’s natural.  So, what we need is super-natural clarity on the heart of God for the struggler, the sinner, and the scared.  To that end, I wanted to share with you two sermons.  The first is a sermon that I preached over two years ago.  I think it is a timeless word because it dwells on the question of who is God in the midst of suffering.  I hope it is a soothing balm for you.  The second is a sermon I preached in 2018 simply asking, “How does Jesus feel about us?”  As we look to Jesus and ask that question, the response is so amazing!!!  Let us remember His love!

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