Opportunity Cost – Focus + Time

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So, yesterday, I talked about multitasking and how I’m leaving it behind.  Well, this post will be short because I’m piggy backing off of yesterday’s in order to say that you can waste time in two ways.  As we saw yesterday, you can multitask it and lose it by not being available, attentive, present to what you’re doing.  But, and this shouldn’t be news to anyone, you can also waste it by simply doing worthless things with it.

What I don’t want is to tell you what you can and can’t do with you time, but I am telling you that you need to figure out what you ought to be doing with your time.  My 3-month sabbatical flew by.  Life is flying by.  It’s a blip on the radar of eternity.  You are grass that is here today and gone tomorrow.  You will give an account for how you spend your time!  Don’t waste your life!  So, for reflection, here are things that I’ve faced recently.

  • I love baseball.  My Nationals won the World Series this year.  They play 162 games (averaging 3.5 hours) from April-October.  That’s a lot of time.
  • There was a day that you could watch everything worth watching on TV and still have a little time left over.  That day died two decades ago.  My shows might be different than yours, but if we’re serious about our lives, then most, if not all, of them have to go.
  • I’ve had friends say, “I’d like to be more involved in church, but I’m just too busy.”  These are the same friends that have literally watched 40+ seasons of shows on Netflix, etc.
  • Whatever time I spend watching shows, that’s time I can’t get back.  I can’t use for my family.  I can’t use to minister to others.  I can’t use for quiet and rest and sleep.  It’s gone.

Look at your smart phone, go to the screen time page…how much have you been on your phone this week?  Go to your profile page on Hulu or whatever…how much time of you given to being entertained?  Does something need to change?  Pray for strength.  Ask for help.  Shut down some accounts and give that money away to something eternal.

I’ve not arrived on this issue…but I’m on the journey.  Join me!

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