Steven’s Study

Resources collected from my personal study, suggested for your personal study.

Every week I bring you a list of articles, podcasts, and sermons that I found helpful for my own edification. My hope is that you also will find these useful in your personal growth in the Christ.

The Two Kinds of Conversation You Need To Have With Your Children

As a father of 4 children I am always on the lookout for helpful parenting advise. This article doesn’t dig into the content of the conversations you should have with your children, but rather the way in which you should have those conversations.

Preaching to Ourselves

“You have to preach to yourself because the world is broken, the devil is scheming, your heart is corrupt, and you need the gospel.” If you have never heard of Joe Thorn, you should really check him out. If you have heard of Joe Thorn, you know this article will be good!

Note to Self

If you liked the article above, you should check out this book written by Joe Thorn. I read it a few years back and it was a great devotional that helps you think through how to preach the gospel to yourself.

The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

The worst consequence of skipping church is probably not what you initially think. Our western culture tends to think as an individual first, and not as a community. However, the Church is a community – a body. And bodies cannot function correctly without all the parts.

Keep Looking

Lastly, I really enjoyed this short video by Desiring God. It is about the benefit of continuing to read the Bible. I hope it encourages you to dive deeply into God’s word.

As ever, may the Lord bless you and keep you! – Steven

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