Steven’s Study

Resources collected from my personal study, suggested for your personal study.

Every week I bring you a list of articles, podcasts, and sermons that I found helpful for my own edification. My hope is that you also will find these useful in your personal growth in the Christ.

Read Missionary Biographies

Biography is one of my favorite genres in literature. So when I saw this title I had to take a look. Beyond the Bible there are few things that speak so powerfully about the need for missions as the biographies of those who rolled up their sleeves and put their hands to the plow.

Building Blocks of Salvation Pt 1: The Plan

I believe that gospel fluency is a skill that every Christian should pursue. Both for the health of their own soul, and for the communication of that good news to others. To that end, I am following a series I came across this week on the building blocks of salvation. This week’s article is about election, and though you may not agree with this article, I think this series will be worth following.

Why the church doesn’t need anymore coffee bars

A powerful article that you may have come across on social media last week.  I don’t think the main point here is bashing the bells and whistles that accompany some church gatherings, but rather a hard reminder that those things are not the point. If we are attracting people to our churches (and keeping them) with trendy gimmicks, we could be failing to give them the only thing that matters. JESUS!

Suburban Sprawl and the Dying Dream of Community Churches

Articles like this are especially interesting to church planters like myself. I think that the research and conclusions reached in this article are mostly true when it comes to American churches and church attenders. However, one must always consider the context. For instance, in the area of Tulsa I serve in 60% of residents don’t own a car, so commuting is much more difficult. That being said, we should consider that the reach of our church is broader in our city that it may have been in decades past.

Should We Give Money to the Poor Even When There’s a Risk of Waste or Misuse?

I think the title of this article is pretty self-explanatory. We should be wise, and extremely generous people!

Good Churchmanship

An older article on a subject that isn’t spoken about much these days. What does it look like to be a good church member? I think this subject deserves more attention from members and leaders in the local church.

Complaining Never Wins the Culture

This article probably wins “best article of the week” in my book. Here is an excerpt to give you the flavor: “Furthermore, grumblers are neither persuasive nor appealing when they share their faith. In fact, they rarely share their faith at all. It’s hard to joyfully and consistently proclaim the gospel when all you do is complain about your mission field. Murmuring does not further God’s mission.”

As ever, may the Lord bless you and keep you! – Steven



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