An Opening Prayer

Our Loving and Lovely Father, thank you for your Word.  Without it, we would not know You.  We would not know Your Gospel.  We would not know about the Church – or be called into Your Church.  We would not know about Your mission, or that you are a missionary God.  Thank you for Your Word.  May it be the bedrock of truth for this site.

Oh Father, Son, and Spirit, we love you.  We delight in you.  We thank you for the Gospel.  Father, that you called us, you chose us before the foundation of the world, you set your love on us though we did not deserve it and could not commend ourselves to you.  Jesus, thank you that you came to do the Father’s will in saving us.  That the love you shared with the Father before creation, you were willing to bring it to us for our redemption.  Spirit, thank you for uniting us with Christ through faith, for making the Gospel good news for us, opening our eyes and convicting us of sin.  We praise you, Triune God, that all the promises of the Father are “YES AND AMEN” in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.  From start to finish, our salvation rests on the beautiful partnership of the Trinity!

And oh how your beauty and wisdom is portrayed in the Church!  Thank you, Father, Son, and Spirit, that the love you shared before creation – that communal, overflowing, outward moving love – has not only been poured out on us, but has swept us up into fellowship with you and your people!  Thank you, Father, that you call us as a people to be wed to your Son!  That we can say, “I am my beloved’s and He is mine!”  That everything that would divide your people has been done away with to show that there is not contrariness in the Godhead.  Father, by your Spirit, cause your Church to reflect the one heart, one mind that you share with the Son.

And finally, thank you for your Mission!  Though we were far from you, you brought us near.  Not only that, but you’ve invited us into your Kingdom expansion work.  Just as your perfect love, Father and Son, for each other overflowed into Creation, Jesus you are the perfect picture of that love flowing over into the world for our redemption.  And now that we belong to you, we are swept up into the fellowship of the Trinity, and we overflow into the world with the love of God in the Gospel.  We recognize that Mission is from you because it is simply an overflow of the love of God flowing from the Father to the Son to His People to the World.  Father, let your love be in us, so that we might rightly join you in rescuing the perishing.

We pray that you will use the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts, as they please you, to strengthen your people in all wisdom and knowledge as we speak about the Gospel, the Church, and Mission.  We pray all of these things for your glory, for our joy, and for the good of the nations of the earth!  We pray them in the name of Jesus and for the name of Jesus.


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